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Horses have been part of human life for centuries. They have served as a means of labor, a mode of transportation, a weapon in warfare and more recently as partners in sports and recreation. For most of the world, horses are no longer a necessity. Yet, there are many regions of the world where humans are still highly dependent on equines – donkeys in particular – as work partners and modes of transport for both people and goods. When machinery began to replace the need for horses, many wondered what place there would be for horses in the modern world. Some even wondered if horses would survive into the future. They have, because the connection between humans and horses is strong and deep. Today there are more than 9 million horses in America alone and it is estimated that worldwide, there are around 60 million horses. What has changed, particularly in more developed nations, is that most people no longer live with horses. Many who ride do so at stables that are often far from where they live. That people are willing to travel the distant and make the time in their busy lives to be with horses indicates just how strong is that connection between humans and horses. At Boschee Farm (pronounced Bo-shay), we believe that this connection should be nurtured. Our world continues to move rapidly toward urbanization and mechanization. The “need” for the horse as work partner and as transportation will continue to diminish and so too will the space where horses can live as urbanization encroaches on open lands. But our need to feel the unique connection between us and a horse will never go away. At Boschee Farm we are dedicated to providing people with opportunities to experience the horse-human connection.

Although the foundation of training and riding at Boschee Farm is dressage, we hesitate to define ourselves by that discipline alone. The methods of training and riding developed over centuries that is the essence of dressage may be our foundation but we believe that multiple riding disciplines and activities help us to develop partnerships with horses. In addition to showing in the ring, our “dressage horses” have galloped over cross country courses and jumps, sailed through show jumping courses, traversed up and down mountains on weekend horse camping trips and even sorted cattle. Our interest is in building relationships with our horses and helping them to be their best in whatever equestrian discipline is of interest to the horse.

Our goal is to produce horses that are “rideable,” by which we mean horses that people can enjoy in a variety of disciplines. Dressage is our background and focus but its methods and principles are applied with the goal of providing horses and riders with a foundation from which they can pursue any equestrian discipline. We train horses for people, not for ourselves. By this we mean our goal is that horses should be rideable by their owners, not by us. We believe that people should enjoy being with their horses and our focus as trainers and instructors is to help horses and their riders get out and have fun. So, if you are looking for training help or to purchase a new horse with a solid foundation, then we can help you.

Boschee Farm is located in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley with views of the Catskill Mountains to the west and the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts to the east. It’s a peaceful setting for both horses and humans. The farm is named in honor of farm owner Lynndee Kemmet’s grandparents and great-grandparents who endured the hardships of farming life in the Dakotas, where the family not only survived but thrived as farmers amid the harsh conditions of the northern plains. Horses, as both companions and fellow workers, were part of the Boschee family history for generations. Through its name, Boschee Farm honors these generations of ancestors who believed that despite the work involved and the difficulties often faced, there is no better life than one lived on the land.

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