Je Suis

Je Suis is a super 12-year-old Lusitano/Selle Francais cross bred by Bettina Drummond. His sire was Bettina’s wonderful stallion Ilyad. Je Suis’ mother was Bettina’s mare Fleche. Both parents had been bred in France. Je Suis has spent much of his career helping advance Lynndee’s education as a trainer and making it possible for her to participate in such educational events as the Association for the Promotion of the Art of Horsemanship in America’s (APAHA) symposium on the French system of riding, held in Florida in 2017. Currently, Je Suis is learning to ride to music as he prepares to participate in APAHA’s 2019 Interactive Arts Workshop (learn more at

Je Suis with Bettina during the NEDA breed show.