Boschee farm offers lessons for riders either on their horses or on our horses. Our focus is on providing riders with an opportunity to advance their skills. We do offer opportunities to ride on our own schooled horses. We don’t use our older horses for lessons. What we offer are younger, sound horses that are in a consistent training program and are regularly schooled to keep them at their peak. Most of them are actively showing and lessons are carefully scheduled so that none of them are overused in a lesson program.

Most of our students have horses of their own and use our lesson horses to learn new movements and get the feel for what is correct in those movements. They then take this feeling and understanding back home to practice with their own horse. At Boschee Farm we strongly believe that riders have a better chance of improving their skills on horses that are well-trained and sensitive. We are also strong believers in cross training and all of our horses, including those used for lessons, have basic jumping skills. Some have even gone out and trained on cross country courses. That said, our specialty is dressage, which we believe is the foundation for all equestrian disciplines.

The word “classical” is highly overused among those who bill themselves as dressage trainers and instructors. For that reason, we hesitate to say that we provide training and lessons in classical dressage. And yet, we actually do approach training and teaching in a very academic way. Many riders are aware that there are two main schools of equitation in the world — the French and the German systems. The German school of dressage is much more geared toward competitive dressage. The French school is often viewed as more artistic and more focused on training lightness rather than the exactness of competitive riding. We generally follow the French school of equitation, which focuses much more on suppleness and balance with lightness as the goal. We don’t believe that the French approach is incompatible with competition. Our horses are trained in the French method and yet compete in both dressage and eventing. We welcome both those students who are interested in competing and those who are not.

You can bring your horse to Boschee Farm for lessons at a rate of $65 or you can take lessons on one of our horses. And while dressage is our main focus, we welcome students of all equestrian disciplines. Western riders and trail riders are welcome to bring their horses for lessons or you can ride our horses and get a different feel. Our mission is to support the preservation of the art of riding and we believe that one way to do this is to expose as many riders as possible to what it feels like to unite with a horse in balance and harmony. And it is with that in mind that we train our lesson horses to offer riders a chance to “feel” what the art of riding really means. 

So if you have a passion for art and a passion for horses, then Boschee Farm is the place for you. Whether you are currently riding or rode previously and have been thinking of taking up riding again, we welcome you at Boschee Farm. Let our horses give you the opportunity to feel what you may have only read about in classic works on riding. 

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