The Blog’s Equine Cast of Characters

The popular Boschee Farm Blog was developed by journalist and writer Lynndee Kemmet, who is also owner and head trainer at Boschee Farm. With humor and the unique insight that comes from living in the world of horses and working as a journalist and public policy researcher, Lynndee reflects on life and the world around us using the voices of the blog’s cast of characters — all residents of Boschee Farm.

You can follow the commentary of the Boschee Farm Blog through both Lynndee’s Facebook page and the Boschee Farm Blog Facebook page. Below you’ll find bios of the blog’s cast of characters.

Mayhem Magique:

mayhem-magiqueThe Boschee Farm resident troublemaker, Mayhem Magique is a 20-year-old Thoroughbred/Saddlebred cross that started her career as a dressage horse but found her calling in eventing. Magique tends to dive into situations before thinking through the consequences. She’s recently been trying to take up trail riding but with limited success, unless the ride is at a full gallop. If she were a politician, she’d be much opposed to a slow, deliberative approach to policy making, preferring to quickly pass legislation and worry about the consequences later. Magique tends to have a rather disgruntled view of the world but brings to the Boschee Farm Blog the unique perspective on life that only a curmudgeon can bring.

Scooter Dude:

scooter-2Scooter is an 18-year-old Hanoverian that is the farm’s jack-of-all-trades. He’s a solid dressage horse, knows how to jump, is great on the trail and actually loves teaching people. He’s the go-to guy when a rider needs a safe mount to learn new movements. But he’s no school horse slouch. He’s a quality guy with what one person once called “incredible bedroom eyes.” Scooter likes to be appreciated but he’s also got a self-confident edge. He also views himself as a herd leader and as such, spends much time working to convince others to accept his point of view on life and current affairs. He’s a deep thinker but doesn’t often show it. He can also be a bit sassy toward the others and seems to take some joy in putting them in their place. Scooter loves to share his thoughts and believes that everyone really wants to hear what he has to say.

Just Je Suis:

je-suisNo adjective fully defines the nine-year-old Je Suis. He often seems to be in his own world of thought and when he expresses himself, it’s not always coherent to others. But his disconnected musings about the world in which we all live often have tidbits of wisdom that can help guide us through life. He is, however, at times quite naïve and too quick to accept as truth the rumors his barn mates spread. But he is eager to learn and as such, has a habit of asking lots of questions. It is his continuous questioning that often annoys the others and cause them to tell him anything that might send him away to mull over their answers. Je Suis is a good soul who does seem to care about what is happening in the world around him even if he can’t understand most of it. The actions of humans often make no sense to him.

Tactful Tre:

treLe Trebuchet is a kind soul. He’s inwardly anxious because he’s sensitive and ever concerned that he neither disappoints no insults those around him. He’s thoughtful, but cautious in expressing his thoughts for fear of how his words might be perceived. Hence, it is not easy to know what this five-year-old is really thinking deep inside. There are many humans who are much like him and as with such people, Tre is slow to trust but will not let you down once he does. There is no doubt that when Tre speaks, much thought has gone into what he says. He likes to be informed and thus, pays much attention to the daily news. His young mind can’t often make sense of the news he hears, hence, his efforts to share the news with his barn mates sometimes results in a bit of misinformation.

Rascally Rufio:

rufio-2Rascally in an appealing sort of way, four-year-old Rufio is a full brother to Tre. While Tre is cautious, Rufio is boldly independent and has an adventurous take on life. He wants to experience life to the fullest and his commentaries on life are often expressed boldly without any form of self editing. He often tells it as he sees it, which can be both refreshing and annoying. There was a clear contrast between Tre and Rufio that was evident when each was a foal. When momma told Tre ‘no,’ he said ‘okay.’ When she told Rufio ‘no,’ he said, ‘yea, whatever.’ Rufio is known for sometimes speaking before thinking but deep down he is a good soul who generally cares about others, especially those he feels are less fortunate. But he tries hard to hide this soft side.

Jubilant J.J.:

J.J., born in the summer of 2016, hasn’t had to do much yet in life but run and play all day in the fields. Hence, for him, life is all leisure and no work, which is how he likes it! He’s busy exploring this thing called life and seems to have decided that since he’s in this world, he might as well make the best of it. Each day brings new adventures and new experiences and his elders seem full of advice.

Puzzling Pai

He’s called ‘puzzling’ because figuring him out is still a work in progress and Pai likes it that way. He loves keeping the humans guessing about his next move. The horse he is one day might not be the horse he is the next day. Pai would make the perfect politician because he is a master at deception. Confounding the humans is his favorite past-time. Hence, Pai is a colorful horse in more ways than one. The Paint horse side of his breeding makes him a favorite among humans who visit Boschee Farm and he knows it. Pai also likes to be in charge, whether it’s of other horses or of humans. He is determined to keep life interesting for all.

Tucker – The Dog

Tucker and his cat friend.

Every farm needs one — a dog, and Boschee Farm is no exception. Tucker was born on the farm to a wonderful German Shepherd who just roamed on to the farm one day and refused to leave. The farm gang named her Princess and she proved to be loyal and protective of all the farm creatures, including the cats. Tucker is not the most intelligent of her offspring, but he is most certainly the kindest and most loving. The horses and cats do make a bit of fun of him. However, if outsiders pick on poor Tucker, they are quick to defend their friend.