The goal of training at Boschee Farm is to produce “rideable” horses and by that we mean horses that their owners can enjoy. Far too often people find themselves in situations where fear of their horse or frustration replaces enjoyment of their horse. Once distrust between rider and horse become the norm, both lose. Either the rider, the horse or both become over-reactive, or worse yet, aggressive, toward one another out of fear and frustration. The methods and principles of dressage serve as the foundation for training at Boschee Farm but our training program incorporates all aspects of riding in order to produce well-rounded, confident horses. This includes incorporating jumping, trail riding and any other activities that horses and their riders might enjoy. While we show horses, we are not a “show” barn. Our focus is on giving horses the foundation in training that they will need to succeed in whatever direction they go in the future. We are much more interested in letting horses evolve and show us where their talents lie then in forcing them where they are incapable of going.

And while we refer to our training system as one based in dressage, we sometimes hesitate to use the term “classical” dressage because the term is so often misused and misunderstood. Perhaps a more accurate term for the training and teaching approach at Boschee Farm is “academic” dressage. We approach riding and training with an intellectual curiosity about equitation history and theory. No one approach fits all horses nor even any one horse during all phases of its training. We do not believe that there are set “methods” by which of a trainer does A,B,C then every horse will respond by doing C,D,E. We believe in keeping an open mind and in exploring multiple approaches to discover what works best with each horse. This requires a willingness to expose oneself to theories of riding and training throughout history and across equestrian disciplines. At Boschee Farm, we explore theories of riding and training from centuries ago up to our modern age with an interest in seeing how ideas on training and riding — both past and present — can be applied in our own riding and training. It’s an interesting approach that makes classic works on equitation come alive while also showing how modern theories of riding and training have built off of those from the past.

Young Horse Care and Development

One thing that we find most fulfilling at Boschee Farm is watching horses develop and being part of that process is something we greatly enjoy. In addition to breeding a few of our own foals, we take in clients’ weanlings and provide them with the care and handling that will help them develop their full potential as they mature and become riding horses. The care of young horses includes introducing them to the basics of their life with humans – handling, trailer loading, grooming, behaving for farrier and veterinarian, blanketing, bathing and more. Our farm for young horses provides them with the space they need to run, play and develop strength. Since each field has large shelters, weather never prevents the young horses from getting ample exercise. Correct handling in the early years is critical for developing horses that are healthy, confident, personable and open to learning when the time comes for starting their careers under saddle. We also offer foaling services for our clients, which has given us the great opportunity of helping bring them into this world and setting them on the first steps toward their life path.