What a Busy Weekend!

The weekend of October 14-15 was a busy one for the Boschee Farm team. While Je Suis and Pele headed off to Connecticut to participate in the APAHA teaching workshop with Bettina Drummond and Maryal Barnett, Scooter and Pai took Mia and Kelly apple picking. The equines have now been swapping tales of their weekend!

Scooter: Je Suis and Pele had to go to a workshop because they need more education but Pai and I are already smart so we didn’t have to go. Instead, we spent a beautiful day helping pick apples at Vosburgh Orchards because Arnie told our humans that he had tons of apples and not enough help to pick them.

Pai: The humans keep telling us that we’re lazy and don’t want to work. Actually, they say that more about Scooter than me. Well, I worked hard picking apples off the trees. Scooter really didn’t help much. I guess maybe he is lazy.

Scooter: Pai was not helping. He was hindering. He was pulling apples off the trees but slobbered all over them and took bites out of some of them. How is Arnie supposed to sell apples with slobber bites on them? People aren’t going to buy them. And half of what Pai took off the trees fell on the ground. You are supposed to pick the apples carefully and put them in the baskets. Pai didn’t do any of that.

Pai: Well, at least I tried to help pick apples. And we all had a good time. But we did not get to go racing through the orchard. I heard that the Lynndee human told the other humans that they could take Scooter on the apple picking trip but if we all stopped at Sloop Brewery for a beer  — and their beer is very good — there would then be no yahooing about on Scooter after drinking. I guess only Lynndee gets to do that.

Scooter: That’s because we are yahoo buddies.

Pele: Well, Je Suis and I went to Windhorse in Connecticut to participate in a big workshop. I had a really good time. I met people from all over America. Je Suis already knew some of them because he met them in Florida when he was at the APAHA workshop last winter. I think everyone really liked me. I did a teaching demo with my friend Wendy and we did really, really good. They liked having me at Windhorse because I am very pleasant and very quiet. Not like Je Suis. I think they were happy to see him go. He is so nosy and so noisy. He went home Saturday night and I stayed until Sunday and I can say that after he left, it was very, very peaceful there.

Je Suis: I don’t care what Pele says. The people liked me too and Lynndee said she was very proud of how well I did in the workshop on Saturday. She’s even posted this nice video of me doing an exercise during the workshop with our friend Bettina. But I think it was a long weekend for my human. She took me home on Saturday night and we got home kind of late and I think she was rather tired because she was not in a very good mood when she took me off the trailer. She told me that if I ever rocked the trailer that much again on another ride she was pulling off the road to come back there and give me what for. What is “what for”? Can you eat it? I went out in the field with my friend Gabe after I got home and I asked him if he knew what “what for” was and he said he didn’t know either but Lynndee has also told him that he might get “what for” too but he’s never actually gotten it. If it’s something you can eat Gabe and I are wondering what you actually have to do to get it.